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In the summer of 2018 I attempted to run across Canada in record time meanwhile raise much needed funds and awareness for the Rare Disease Foundation. Being forced to stop just east of Winnipeg due to medical reason only deepens my desire to invoke change and get back on my feet to advocate further. Rare Disease reform and support requires immediate action and as long as I’m the face of Outrun Rare change is coming. Stay tuned, we are nowhere close to being done.

I am known as an elite runner and I like to think an all-around nice guy. My drive to break the current Guinness World Record to run across Canada stems from my deeply seeded passion to push boundaries and making impossible feats possible. Supporting the Rare Disease Foundation is a natural fit. My aim is to draw awareness to the needs and struggles that rare disease forces upon those it touches, and to raise funds to assist those focused on the important research that must continue.

My son Sam struggles daily with a rare disease called RECA, which makes simple movements difficult. Simply put, if he could run like his father he would never stop.

Our fundraising goal is $1 million which I know is a big task but equals the effort. We need your support –  volunteer, donate, or spread the word. We’re calling out to every Canadian, Runner, Ultra Runner, Athlete…  Believe me, I know the importance of every step – no matter how small.

We Need Your Help
To have a heart …


In the winter of 2009 our lives were turned upside down. Our son Sam, then 2 years old, was hospitalized for the second time in 12 months with symptoms the medical community did not understand. It took 6 long years to receive a diagnosis that Sam has a very rare genetic disease called Relapsing Encephalopathy with Cerebellar Ataxia (RECA.)

This diagnosis was made possible via the dedication of countless scientists, researchers and fundraisers in the rare disease community. Since our diagnosis, peace and calm have flooded our lives, still understanding that at this present time there is no cure for Sam’s disease.

Sam’s disease is so rare, that he is one of only five people in the world to have it. Ataxia means lack of balance and co-ordination. This causes Sam’s speech to slur and he has to use a walker to walk to school. Feeding himself, bathing himself, going to the washroom — are all challenging for Sam.

Sam’s  in Grade 3, he goes to a regular school in Okotoks, and he’s just the greatest kid in the world.

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Another Way of Giving Your Support

Purchasing from the following retailers will provide a percentage of proceeds to the Rare Disease Foundation.

So What Does It Take To Run Across Canada?

A great deal of strength, perseverance, sheer determination, and of course good shoes.

Dave’s Training

Training for this kind of “run” — 66 ultra marathons back to back — requires special training. With 11 years ultra running under his belt Dave has such a huge fitness base that he is typically 2-3 weeks of solid training away from being race ready.

Dave’s Fuel

Diet is key to success in endurance sport. A balance of healthy nutrient rich foods combined with the things that Dave just craves during and after runs is crucial. Eating loads of food while running is a pillar of success that he takes very seriously in training.

Dave’s Gear

First and foremost there is the HAT. He has sported a cowboy hat while running ultras for years and the reasoning may surprise you. “Its a working mans hat … the cowboy hat shielded the elements when working all day in the fields”.

Dave’s Zen

Dave’s ability to channel his mind, find joy in smallest things , and ability to fall and remain in a flow state is what makes him a success in this sport. A Buddhist at heart Dave looks inward to find solutions where most crumble in despair.


KMs Run Per Day (avg)
Distance Run
Guinness World Record

Dave Runs Across The Years

Dave took on this grueling 6 day run in Glendale AZ that started in Dec 28, 2017 and finished Jan 3, 2018. His goal was to break two of the longest standing records in Canada both over 125 years old.  First, 72-hour distance was set in 1881 @ 496.5 km, and then the 144-hour record set in 1891 @ 624 km.  He also had his eyes set on breaking the 48-hour distance set in 1995 @ 355.8 km.

Well, we are all so happy and so proud to announce that Dave smashed two very big goals! Dave has set a new Canadian 48-hour record at 360 km. He continued on to set a new Canadian 72-hour record at 500 km.  To put that in perspective, that is the same distance if Dave ran from Calgary to Salmon Arm in just three days.

However, after feeling the affects of a major infection in his left foot suffered by blisters from running on shifty pea gravel and dirtied with fine desert dust. Dave continues running hundreds of kilometers constantly needing to unlace his shoes further to allow his swollen foot access. Despite the crippling pain he continued running days on end breaking the Canadian 48 and 72 hour records. Early on day five due to the compensation from running on an infected foot his right knee began paining and swelling. After receiving medical advice he decided to go no further as to further tearing at the ITB attachment at the knee would take longer to recover and may in turn compromise the primary goal of Outrun Rare.  Remarkably, Dave still  placed 3rd overall with an amazing 601.4km (373.7mi) at ATY with only running four and half of the six days.

Now on to the next monumental event:  Dave’s Epic Run Across Canada!

KMs : New Canadian 48 hour Distance Record
KMs : New Canadian 72 hour Distance Record
KMs : Total Distance Run in Four Days at ATY
Dave's Overall Place at Across the Years

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