Canadian Running Magazine – Dave Proctor breaks two treadmill records at Calgary Marathon expo

The Calgary-area ultrarunner celebrated his triumphant return after last summer’s unsuccessful cross-Canada attempt by breaking two treadmill world records.

Ultrarunner Dave Proctor of Okotoks, Alta. made ultrarunning history at the Calgary Marathon expo today, breaking not one but treadmill-running records: the 12-hour record and the 100-mile (161K) record. He had to beat was 13:42:33 for 100 miles (set last year) and Vito Intini’s 152.5K for 12 hours, set in December 2018. Proctor’s new records, set today, are 12:32:26 for 100 miles, and 153.8K in 12 hours.

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  • Date May 26, 2019
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