John Barlow, MP – House of Commons speach

“It was my pleasure to stand in the House and recognize a constituent of mine that I hope many Canadians will have the pleasure to meet this Summer.

On June 27th Dave Proctor will begin an important journey and run 7,200 km run across Canada. That’s over 100 KM a day for 66 days! 
This incredible father of three is a world-renowned runner, but this run is for his nine year-old son, Sam, who suffers from a rare disease. Through his determination, his strength, and his love, David hopes to raise $1 million to help Canadians suffering with rare diseases, those searching for support and a cure.

I look forward to running with David, and hope many of you can join him on this journey. “

John Barlow, MP
Foothills AB

  • Date June 7, 2018
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