Rare Disease Foundation and Outrun Rare Announce Merger

It is official – Dave Proctor and Outrun Rare are now part of the Rare Disease Foundation (RDF) family. The paperwork has been signed and the merger is official! Outrun Rare will become an integral part of the RDF’s brand, advocacy and fundraising efforts. RDF is thrilled to announce this partnership, and everyone involved sees amazing possibilities and initiatives on the horizon.

The past (and future) Herculean efforts of Dave Proctor and the Outrun Rare volunteers to raise awareness about rare diseases align perfectly with RDF’s core values of being agile, efficient, innovative, and transformative in finding new solutions for rare diseases.

The Outrun Rare initiative was established in 2017 to create a broad awareness and national conversation amongst Canadians and policy makers regarding the needs and struggles facing the rare disease community. That initiative included Dave Proctor’s efforts to run across Canada in the summer of 2018. Since then, Dave has worked hard to get back to 100% health-wise and is looking forward to challenging himself to break the Guinness World Record for running the fastest 100 miles (sub 12 hours) on a treadmill this May.

“An official partnership between Outrun Rare and the RDF is a natural step needed to take this rare conversation to the next level. Their years of exemplary service to the rare disease community makes Rare Disease Foundation the obvious partner transitioning into our next and most important phase,” stated Dave Proctor, Founder, Outrun Rare. “Working closely with Executive Director, David Cox and the board of directors, Outrun Rare hopes to add vision, drive, and a national voice to an already established and successful foundation.”

Speaking on behalf of RDF, Cox added, “The groundswell of support and increased awareness generated by Dave Proctor and his entire Outrun Rare team of volunteers surpassed any expectations we could have had. We are equally committed to continuing the national conversation that began with Dave’s epic 2018 journey, and we are thrilled to have officially joined forces with the Outrun Rare team to do just that.”

About the Rare Disease Foundation (RDF)
Founded in 2008, RDF is a registered charitable organization supporting rare disease research internationally, with a majority of that research taking place in Canada. Their Vision and Mission is to revolutionize rare disease care through the creation of communities of patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, researchers and supporters working together to transform the lives of those living with rare disease.

For more information about RDF, visit www.rarediseasefoundation.org


  • Date March 27, 2019
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