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A Comparison of Two Canadian Record Breaking Athletes

Al Howie was a long-distance, Canadian runner who won more than fifty marathons, ultramarathons, and multiday races, including the 1991 Trans Canada Highway run (7295 kilometers) in the record time of 72 days and 10 hours. He raised $750,000 for a fund for children with special needs.

Dave will attempt to break Al Howie’s record in his run across Canada for Rare Disease.

Al Howie

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 135lb

Age at Trans Canada Run: 46

Guiness World Records: 2

Marathon: 2:28:11

100 KM: 7:30

24 HR: 242 km

48 HR: 327 km

72 HR: 411 km

6 Day: 827 km

Avg. Yearly Mileage: 10,000 km

Avg. Training Pace: 14 km/hr

Favourite Shoes: Brooks Kona

Favourite Race Drink/Food: Water/Powerbars

City to City to Race RunEdmonton to Victoria (1350km)  then Top Ten Finish at Victoria Marathon (Sept 1980)
Winnipeg to Ottawa (2225km) then Wins a 24 hr



Dave Proctor

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 150lb

Age at Trans Canada Run: 37

Guiness World Records: 2

Marathon: Never Raced One

100 KM: 7:37

24 HR: 257 km

48 HR: 360 km

72 HR: 500 km

6 Day: 601 km

Avg. Yearly Mileage: 7,000 km

Avg. Training Pace: 12.5 km/hr

Favourite Shoes: Altra Torin

Favourite Race Drink/Food: Skratch/Applesauce

City to City to Race RunOkotoks to Lethbridge (170km) then Won a 100 Mile Race and Set a Course Record (Sept 2017)