Join Dave Proctor on his epic journey as he runs across Canada in 66 days starting June 27, 2018. His record-breaking run averaging 108 kilometers per day will raise awareness and research dollars for all the children, like his son Sam, who are living with a Rare Disease. It is Dave’s mission to raise much-needed research dollars for micro-grants to help families affected by rare disease. Dave is inviting runners from across Canada to run with him as he tackles this challenge of a lifetime.

This really is an exciting opportunity to run with the greatest ultra-marathoner in Canadian history while he is undertaking the most epic and difficult run of his life. And if you haven’t met Dave Proctor before it should also be very informative and a lot of fun! If running alongside Dave is the sort of thing that you are interested in then we are excited to have you on the team. Please come and “Run with Dave”!

Rules and timelines for "Run With Dave"

“Run With Dave” Rules

This is a huge undertaking with high stakes which include attempting to break a record held by a legend while raising over $1,000,000 for the Rare Disease Foundation. While Dave wants as many people to share in this experience with him as possible the Outrun Rare team cannot coordinate the “Run With Dave” program without some strict (but easy to follow) controls. If you don’t mind the rules then this is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you really shouldn’t pass up. However to participate there are a number of requirements that need to be met as this is a large endeavor that is bigger than any one segment:

Entry and Exit:

“You can start running and stop running with Dave at any time along the route as long as it is safe to do so and as long as you have submitted a request (including your running credentials and noting your understanding of the below stated rules) to and received confirmation from the Outrun Rare team. This approval may take up to 72 hours to process so please plan ahead.” Your run is entirely your responsibility to coordinate. The only support the Outrun Rare team can provide is via scheduled social media and website posts regarding Dave’s location and progress. Specific requests to find out exactly where Dave is as he runs cannot be accommodated. As such it will be easier if you start at a planned event as these will be well communicated. Planned events will be added and changed as Outrun Rare progresses but to allow for some preliminary planning on your part the “Run With Dave” Approximate Timelines have been provided. The very nature of this event makes it difficult to plan with accuracy though. You are signing up for a chance to run with Dave as he passes through your area. This is on his schedule not yours.


You will be running at your own risk. No member of the Outrun Rare team, Dave Proctor himself, or the Rare Disease Foundation is in any way liable for any injury you may incur. Without question highway running with cars speeding past is a high risk environment and one that we at Outrun Rare take seriously. All risk will be assumed by the individual runners themselves, runners must act always with safety being top of mind, and runners should ensure that they are covered under their own personal insurance.


Dave will have his support team but you will need one of your own. That person cannot come along but needs to be available in case you need them. You will need someone to pick you up when you are done. You will need to carry any food, drink, supplies that you may need. If you have any medical issues and need to drop out or if you just can’t keep up to Dave’s pace you will need to have someone to pick you up.


Dave will be running whatever pace he needs to run. It is not up to you to push him to a higher pace. It is not up to him to slow down to your pace. If you drift apart for any reason that is your responsibility and you will need to either finish your run yourself or contact your support person to pick you up. The suggested minimum pace you should be able to hold over your distance is 5 ½ minutes per kilometer.


Dave is a talkative guy and is likely looking for distractions during this remarkably long run. That said at any given time he may either be feeling great or be in significant physical or emotional pain so while every effort will be made to engage you in conversation you need to know that it depends entirely on Dave’s state of mind. This is very important as this is as much a mental task as it is a physical task.


Parking is completely your own responsibility and at your own risk so choose your parking spots carefully. If you are running with him for greater than one day and need a place to sleep for the night that is your own responsibility/cost to coordinate.


There is no cost to participate in the “Run With Dave” program. One of Dave’s goals is to raise one million dollars for the Rare Disease Foundation (RDF) though so it is suggested that anyone who would like to participate makes a donation to the RDF. This is not a formal requirement but it is encouraged.

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