Meet the brains and brawn that helped put this incredible campaign together. A group of dedicated, experienced people who believe in Dave and his run for Rare Disease.

core team

Dave Proctor

Star Athlete, Philanthropist

Dave lives in Okotoks, Alberta (10 minutes south of Calgary). He and his wife, Sharon have three lovely and adventurous kids Julia, Sam, and Adele. He commutes to the city to practice at his busy Sports Massage Therapy clinic. In his spare time, he runs extreme distances. He holds the Guinness world record holder for furthest distance run on a treadmill in 24 hours (260.4kms) and the Canadian 24 hour record holder. This next year will transform his 24 hour specific training to the multi-day training model to challenge the 1991 Canadian record for 6 day event and ultimately the Cross Canada speed record.

“My skill set in this sport is mentally locking in and convincing myself that pain does not exist but replaced with joy and gratitude.”

Sharon Proctor

Dave's Boss & Support / Assistant to the Team

Sharon is the loving wife and boss of our star athlete. She and Dave live in Okotoks, Alberta and share three children. Sharon will be on the road throughout this entire journey supporting Dave and the rest of the team.


Stephanie Gillis-Paulgaard

Communications Lead

With over 20 years experience across public, private and non-profit sectors, Stephanie manages all things communication, including media and community outreach.

“I wanted to be a part of what is sure to be history in the making. Dave is determined and inspired by the most powerful force of all – the love for his children. I’m thrilled to be a part of the team and the historic event.”


Brett Paulgaard

Website Management

Boss Digital Media is focused on creating imagery and content for web based marketing that is iconic, impactful, memorable, and powerful.

“I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dave and so many wonderful people who have committed so much time and effort to help such an important cause.”


the rare disease foundation

Tyler Jordan

Treasurer & Sponsorship Manager, RDF

Tyler is a founder and board member of the Rare Disease Foundation. He serves as RDF’s treasurer and and sits on their finance and research committees where he oversees research funding.

“I love that Outrun Rare has partnered with the Rare Disease Foundation. It’s an amazing way to build awareness of both the challenges and opportunites for families impacted by rare disease.”

Isabel Jordan

RDF Founder, Chair

Isabel connects families and patients through Peer 2 Peer Resource Networks and social media. She speaks at conferences and writes about the importance of patient partnership in research and healthcare.

“I’m thrilled about the OutrunRare project. Connected diverse communities for a common cause makes me happy. It’s a great team filled with motivated and big-hearted people.”

James Radke, PhD

RDF, Board Member

James Radke has been involved in the rare disease community ever since his daughter was born – 20 years ago. Soon after her birth, a diagnosis of craniosynostosis led Jim to reassess his career priorities. Today, his daughter is a healthy young woman attending the University of Victoria and Jim has created two companies focusing on rare conditions. The first was a U.S.-based website geared towards educating doctors about rare disease research. The second is a Canadian-based company focused on helping patient advocacy groups function more effectively. Jim has travelled the world and met thousands of rare disease advocates, patients, researchers, and caregivers. And each one had a unique story to tell that continues to inspire him to advocate for any person pursuing better ways to manage people with rare diseases. He is a former board member of the Canadian Organization of Rare Disorders (CORD) and is currently a board member of the Rare Disease Foundation.


Jen Whitehead

Logistics Lead

I’m Jen Whitehead, I have 20 years experience as a Production Coordinator in the Film Industry, which is how I fit into the team, I bring my logistics and location coordinating to this team to get Dave across the Country. I’ve known Dave and Sharon for 14 years, and all of their kids for their entire lives.

“Dave’s love for his family is what has inspired me to join this team. His desire to break the record and run across a Country that I am proud to call my home is just an added bonus. I’m excited to be a part of a team where we are all focused on the same goal…to help our amazing crazy ultra marathoner friend raise awareness for the Rare Disease Foundation.”

Janet Leung


A friend of Dave’s and Controller at Azimuth Capital Management, Janet is assisting with the financial reporting for the Outrun Rare Team.

“Dave is such an inspiration to me & everyone around him. I’m thrilled to play a part in supporting Dave & his Team on his epic journey across Canada to raise awareness and money for the Rare Disease Foundation.”

Deanna Trzeciakowski

Mapping and Guinness World Record Coordinator

Deanna is a passionate runner who was drawn to the Outrun Rare cause after losing her own brother to a rare disease. She is involved with tracking Dave’s whereabouts during his epic run, and is coordinating the collection of all of the data pertinent to Dave’s competition for the Guinness World Record for the Fastest Man to Cross Canada on Foot.

It takes one nut to start a movement, and this movement is going to be a big one! Dave’s fight for his son will cause a huge impact for those 1 in 12 Canadians affected by a rare disease and I am honoured to be a member of the incredible team supporting this endeavor.

Dawn Ladds


Bio coming soon

Daniel Bowie

Route Optimizer / Team Mascot

Daniel is a Live event Production Coordinator with 19 years of working in the Calgary area. Daniel tries running cause he really likes short shorts, and sweating.

“We all have talent and abilities and it is my honour to lend my small amount of talent and abilities to help Dave achieve his goals”


Travis and Ashley Schiller-Brown


Travis and Ashley Schiller-Brown are Dave’s Coaches, and have come on board for the 2019 season and beyond. They work with Dave to manage all aspects of his training including his running program, strength, injury prevention and race preparation
“Working with Dave has been a great opportunity! When you get that close to the limits of human performance, things get really fun and interesting!”

Sponsorship Committee

Tracy Townsend

Sponsor Coordinator

With a passion for running and several marathons behind her, Tracy is excited and honoured to be a part of the Outrun Rare team. She will be assisting in the round-up of sponsorships for Dave.

“This project inspired me from day one. The Rare Disease Foundation needs support and funding. There are 3 million Canadians suffering from Rare Diseases right now. I feel truly blessed to be part of something so special.”

Brayden Proctor

Sponsorship Coordinator

Brayden is a new business graduate working in natural healthcare and is excited for the opportunity to support Dave, Sharon, and the kids on their journey to outrun rare.
“I have a strong bond with my family and Outrun Rare is close to my heart. I am excited to promote this cause throughout my personal and professional networks.”

Terry Toffelmire

Sponsorship Coordinator

A friend of Dave’s and local Calgary ultra-runner. Terry helps to round up sponsors and attention for the Outrun Rare event.

“As a mother of two, the Outrun Rare cause is very close to my heart. I have two healthy girls and wish the same sense of knowledge and security for all parents. I find Dave’s willingness to challenge what’s possible as inspiration to push myself to new distances and challenges.”

Special Events

Marsha Crossman & Jon Paradowski

Events Management Leads

Marsha and Jon are both fellow ultra-runners. With plenty of charity experience, Marsha organizes and volunteers at events as well as on-boards others to get involved, believing everyone has unique talents to contribute. Jon strives for a positive, healthy lifestyle and hopes to bring his positive energy to encourage Dave on his run.

“We’re proud to be a part of this historical event and inspired by the dedicated group of people behind it. ‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.'”

Julia Mitton


Also a fellow runner, Julia will be assisting in Special Events as Dave makes his way across Canada.

“I believe a single person can make a significant difference.”

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